You Can't Beat a Yoga Class That's Near a Trader Joe's!

“Wow, you come all that way to attend my yoga class?” I was impressed and flattered. She would have passed right by at least 4 yoga studios on her way, and there were likely a few more in close proximity to her house. But she drives 20 minutes to come to my humble class upstairs at the church, and I don’t even have air conditioning!

 “Yes,” she said. The studio thing doesn’t attract me. Plus, you’re close to Trader Joe’s.” Well, there’s that . . . and I don’t mind being part of a two-fer!

I’m the yoga teacher for people who don’t think they can do yoga. I attract those who want a traditional class filled with less-traditional yogis. Some want to keep their socks on. Others want to know they will be supported and nurtured even if they spend half the class sitting back to rest. Those who always forget their hair bands appreciate my always having some looped on the closet doorknob. I present a multi-level class, and each person is encouraged to do their own best practice, whether that means taking Child’s Pose instead of Down Dog, or taking Down Dog instead of Child’s Pose!

I call the poses out in both English and Sanskrit, and try to offer a good mix of explanation and quiet. (Though some days I talk too much; ah, well.) Sometimes I demonstrate the asana, other times I lead with words. In each class I am working toward that moment of silence at the very end, where heads are bowed and bodies are finally relaxed; they raise their eyes and I can see harmony.

Some days there is immediate chatter after “Namaste” – that’s when I know I didn’t quite get them “there”, although at least they had a good stretch!

Familiarity mixed with novelty, old favorite poses plus new variations. Plenty of props and a supportive atmosphere. If this is how you would like to practice Yoga, let me know. I’ll help you choose an on-going class, or create one for you and your friends. If you prefer privacy and personal attention, Private Yoga is also available.