Making time for a little fun - although from the looks of it, I should get my helmet on!

Making time for a little fun - although from the looks of it, I should get my helmet on!


 About Jeannette

I began my path of complementary healing methods with the need to heal myself. When a bout of sciatica lingered, I was persuaded to try acupuncture, which felt like a miracle cure to me. My acupuncturist recommended I try yoga to keep my back healthy, so I bought a video (yes, VHS), and the rest is history!

My personal yoga practice put me in touch with people and ideas I had not encountered before. I became a yoga teacher in 2009, and have completed an additional 500 hour course on Therapeutic Yoga. Through the years I've become a Reiki practitioner, learned about the healing powers of essential oils, and received my certification as an EFT Int-1 practitioner through EFT Universe. Armed with these marvelous gifts to share, I can now show others how they, too, can access the healing energies and learn to heal themselves.

It is important to remember that, although I call myself a healer, I am fully aware that each person actually heals herself or himself. I am a conduit of knowledge and energy, and I can guide and assist people to access their innate healing powers. It is up to each to do their own healing.

As an Energy Coach I incorporate all my modalities as well as core coaching practices, with an emphasis on EFT/Tapping, to bring my clients to a place where they feel confident, able, and comfortable in their world.

I am certified as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, and I offer yoga in person, both privately or through my group classes. EFT is very effective over the Internet, which is convenient, saves time, and allows me to help people at any distance. Meditation and breath work are an integral part of all my sessions, bringing relaxation and a sense of safety to the work.

It is my joy and my dharma to assist in bringing more light and happiness to the people I encounter by helping them connect to their spiritual side. Adding the spiritual aspect to the physical and emotional sides rounds out the human experience and can lead to a better understanding of Self and how one fits into, and moves through, the world.

All these offerings are complementary, or an adjunct, to your regular medical services - NOT a replacement. As always, check with your physician before beginning a new health practice.

Giving Back

I believe it is through giving that we receive. I bring weekly yoga to my local county correctional facility through Yoga Impact. I bring Reiki to families in need through Halos for Angels, Inc. I have lead free or low-cost classes at the Florham Park Public Library and for local Daisy and Brownie Scouts.