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Tapping Points

Tapping Points


What is EFT?

EFT, also known as Tapping, is a simple, non-invasive method of overcoming blocks and traumas in order to live a more vibrant, less reactive life.

 During an EFT session, the client is led to physically tap through a series of points on the upper body while talking about the issue (either directly or indirectly). The points have been carefully selected, and each is a spot where a meridian endpoint (think acupressure point) is close to the surface of the skin. In this way we connect with the nervous system in order to deactivate it.

EFT is scientifically proven and is being studied from many different angles and for many different issues. There are over 80 peer-reviewed studies showing the effectiveness of EFT for different issues. EFT has been shown effective in individual case studies and through testimonials, and although the testimonials are anecdotal, the sheer number of success stories displays the usefulness of EFT.

 EFT in action

Tapping, as EFT is sometimes called, is an efficient way to separate the emotional reaction from the memory of an event. One of my clients - I'll call her Joan - was in a car accident when she was a fairly new driver. She was making a left turn at a busy intersection on a rainy day. The oncoming car was stopped, also trying to make a left. Joan made the turn as another vehicle drove around the stopped car and hit my client. No one was hurt, but Joan experienced the airbag deploying and filling the car with “smoke”, the car spinning, and scary sounds throughout.

Whenever I’m in a car, whether or not I’m driving, my heart starts to pound when I approach an intersection, especially if we need to make a left turn. I brace myself every time, even if we’re actually heading straight!
— "Joan"

 After the accident, Joan felt very nervous in traffic, not only when she needed to make a left turn but even when she observed anyone else trying to do so. In a one-hour session we tapped on each of the aspects – her feelings, the sounds and sights – until she had no more nervous flutterings in her tummy when she described the accident. She was able to test the results on her drive home, and reported feeling calm, yet still alert to traffic patterns.

 My client didn’t “forget” the accident, and she still holds the lesson learned about making left turns carefully. With the help of EFT she taught her nervous system that it did not need to over-react every time she drove a car, and that there is no need for adrenaline and cortisol to kick in during an uneventful drive to the grocery store. 

EFT works for many different things. Phobias, anxiety, depression, cravings, and more can be reduced (sometimes eliminated!) with EFT. There have been profound results using EFT on people with PTSD; both war veterans and those who have suffered great personal loss, like the families in Sandy Hook, CT.

Jeannette specializes in helping people through life-transition periods and the attendant stress, weight gain, and other symptoms that are often considered simple signs of aging, or something to be tolerated or treated with medication. She facilitates the gentle uncovering of memories and subconscious beliefs and helps tap away the attendant emotions. This opens up a new space where confidence can move in!

EFT works in a complementary way with conventional medicine. It is not a replacement for regular doctor visits and medications; rather, EFT is used alongside of these things. There are no side-effects except increased joy of life!

Contact Jeannette today to see how she can help you navigate your life, and find a place of peace and comfort.