HOLISTIC: adj. Relating to the whole of something, and not just its parts.

Jeannette Howard Energy Coach

EFT, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation



Weight gain, overeating, resistance to exercise. These are challenges that plague many of us, especially as we age. Our bodies change, reacting differently to stressors and to foods. Favorite snacks now contribute to inflammation, achy joints, bloat, and other discomforts – yet it feels impossible to stay away from them! We don't dispute the importance of exercise, but we can't seem to light that fire.

And stress, well, there's no way to avoid it! Transitioning from one life stage to another brings its own challenges and can contribute to stress-eating and a general lack of motivation toward personal health. These new life stages can be joyful, yet still fraught with stress and worry. Ease the discomfort these circumstances bring to your body, mind and spirit with this unique offering of energy practices.

Jeannette Howard of J Howard Holistic offers  personalized programs to best serve you and ease your challenges! Contact her today to see how she can help you.

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